Enable all organizations to have a toolbox of simple and efficient backup.

Born in 2012 in the Dunkerque area, ZETARK responds to the desire to cloud service any structure or company.
Indeed, the benefits of the cloud are real and still in development worldwide.

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Zetark Cloud

Share, protect, synchronize, virtualize

ZETARK Cloud allows you to share and save all of your business data in real time with colleagues and customers from any device.
Disaster recovery business, virtualization ...


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Our solutions

Backup / synchronization Backup / synchronization

Backup / synchronization

Maximum mobility. Backed result, you have access to your documents or exchange via PC or tablet safely.
Deploying datacenter Deploying datacenter

Deploying datacenter

You want to operate a high quality infrastructure with energy consumption among the lowest.
Data hosting Data hosting

Data hosting

Your website, your applications, your GED but also housing. Our infrastucture is versatile.
Softwares solutions Softwares solutions

Softwares solutions

Outsourced IT partner, we support you in your strategic IT.
Optical fiber Optical fiber

Optical fiber

Choose Zetark as operator. Use the benefits of technology to improve productivity and stability.
Mailbox Mailbox


Have a mailbox on behalf of his company, sharing its agenda or facilitate collaborative work.

They trust us